Our “Dream Team”

It’s been said that “teamwork makes the dream work.” We like to think of Grace Chapel’s servant-leaders as our “dream team,” a gifted, committed and anointed community of people working together to accomplish God’s vision. In addition to those listed below, the team consists of all those who serve in various support roles in the various ministries of Grace Chapel.


Charles & Sharlyn Williams


Grieg Boone
Willie Craver

Church Council

Travis Lacy
Judi McCullough
Dorcia White-Brake

Administrative Team

Barbara Hebert, Secretary

Hospitality Team

Pamela Mann

Community Outreach

Sharyn Powell, Community Liaison

Sunday Tech Team

Rose Brant
Travis Lacy
Grieg Boone

Usher Ministry

Marie Bramwell

Women of Grace

Sharlyn Williams