God’s Got A Remedy For That

by Sharlyn Williams
You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. ~Romans 5:5
Under the old covenant, sin was forgiven through sacrifice; under the new covenant sin is forgiven through the atoning death of Jesus Christ, which brings forgiveness of sins. Jesus Christ’s death is God’s remedy for sin in our lives.
After church last Sunday, Crissie, Chris, Dorcia and I found ourselves on the parking lot discussing remedies. This prompted Crissie to point out that the Women of Grace surely have many home remedies we could share with one another, which pointed me in the direction this lesson this evening. Home remedies can be wild and wacky or work much better then some of the remedies in the store. I began to think of all the remedies I had used in my life and how many times my mom had lovely rubbed Vicks Vapor Rub on my chest when I had a particularly bad chest cold. She would heat up a towel in the oven on low and place it on my chest and I would sleep a rich, warm, restful sleep, and my chest cold would always seem to be miraculously better by the next morning.
Moms and home remedies… the very best in health care, I always say! God has the very best in spiritual health care.
If you find yourself deep in despair and living in sin, God’s got a remedy for that.
If your life is torn, tattered and you feel you won’t make it my friend, God’s got a remedy for that!
Before his death on the cross we had to endure the shame of our sinful lives, but after his death and resurrection we are given the keys to new life, God’s got a remedy for each one of us. Let’s discuss how His remedy for sin in our lives has helped us create a hopeful new existence.
1. What remedies are you seeking in your life? In the lives of your family?
2. How can seeking Christ fervently help you find those remedies that will bless your Christian walk?
3. Write down and share some home/family remedies that you use to stay healthy and well. —Sharlyn

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