Ok, for the benefit of those of you who wanted the quote, which I don't have a source for, but I used as the climax of last Sunday's sermon, "#hosanna," here's the material:
Somebody put it like this: He is Abel’s sacrifice Noah’s rainbow Abraham’s ram Isaac’s wealth Jacob’s  Scepter Moses’ rod that divided the Red Sea in two and made it a super highway for the children of Israel Joshua’s Sun, and the Moon that stood still Elijah’s mantle Elisha’s staff Samuel’s horn of oil David’s sling shot And Malachi’s Son of Righteousness; He’s Peter’s shadow that healed the sick Stephen’s signs and wonders Paul’s apron and handkerchief; He is the father of the orphan A husband to the widow A bright morning star for the traveler by night The Lily of the Valley The Rose of Sharon The Rock of Ages The express image of God’s person The King of glory A rock in a weary land,  And the beauty of ten thousand; He is the Cup that runneth over The rod and staff that comforts me The Lion of the tribe of Judah That breaks every chain and sets man free The Government of our lives is upon His shoulders; In mathematics He multiplied five loaves of bread To feed five thousand peoples In Zoology He is the Lamb slain for our Salvation In Botany He is the flower that fades not In Biology He is the life everlasting In History He is the Alpha and the Omega In Physics He is the One that disproved the law of gravity by ascending on high In Chemistry, he changes ordinary water into sweet wine; To the artist He is the altogether lovely, To the architect, He is the Chief Cornerstone To the baker, He is the bread of life To the banker He is the hidden treasure Oh to the Carpenter He is the door To the farmer He is the sower and the Lord of the Harvest To the horticulturist, he is the true Vine To the Philosopher, He is the wisdom of God To the Philanthropist, He is the unspeakable gift To the Journalist, He is the great news of glad tidings To the student, He is the Incarnate One To the servant, He is the Good Master To the statesman, He is the Desire of all Nations To the sinner, He is the Lamb of God That takes away the sins of the world To the weary,  He is the Giver of Rest To the theologian He is the Author and the Finisher of our faith But who is this man? He came to die for our sins The just for the unjust That He might bring us to the Father Believe in Him and you will be saved He is Jesus of Nazareth A man approved by God with Signs and wonders And miracles which God did by Him through Him His name is J E S U S!  JESUS!!! The name that deposes sin Disperses demons Dispels darkness Depreciates fear Disintegrates impossibilities Dissolves difficulties And dislocates mountains He’s more than the latest thing; he’s the ancient of days. he’s the Lord of all. Amen. Voice on the Mount of Transfiguration: this is my beloved son; hear him! Mary, at Cana: Whatever he tells you, do it!

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